How do I become an Ambassador for Trent Hobbs Photography?

We are currently accepting applications for 2014 Senior Ambassadors. You can apply by completing our Ambassador Application here. After you enter your information, save the file and email to

How many Ambassadors do you accept?

We accept 4 Ambassadors per high school each year.

What are the responsibilities of an Ambassador?

If you are selected, you will receive a phone call from Trent Hobbs Photography. We will then arrange a time to meet with you and your parent/guardian so that we can go over the contract. Parent/guardian must be present to sign the contract. During the meeting, we will schedule a photo shoot with you. By agreeing to be an ambassador for Trent Hobbs Photography, you are allowing images taken of you to be used for any and all marketing, advertising, contests, and editorial submissions by Trent Hobbs Photography; this includes, but is not limited to: web, print, and display. The ambassador agrees to actively promote Trent Hobbs Photography by word of mouth, handing out referral cards and sharing images posted on Trent Hobbs Photography Facebook page. As an ambassador for Trent Hobbs Photography, you will not represent or actively promote any other photographers or studios. Filling out an ambassador application does not guarantee anyone an ambassador role. Ambassador positions are limited.

What is in it for me?
  • Free Senior Photography Session (must book before June 15th)
  • 5 Free Facebook images posted by Trent Hobbs Photography (senior is expected to tag themselves)
  • Customized Referral Cards for the Senior to hand out.
  • 24 free wallets with up to 3 poses.
  • 15% off of packages and prints (must have a minimum purchase of Real Me package).
  • $30 print/package credit for each referral that completes a session with Trent Hobbs Photography (up to $300 credit).
  • Each person that is referred will also receive 24 free wallets with their minimum package order.
  • If you have a minimum of 10 referrals by Nov. 1st 2013 you will be entered to win an iPAD MINI.